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  1. Teams should be composed of Masters (or equivalent) level students, including UK MSci, Australia Hons BSc and combined BS/MS programs. In exceptional circumstances teams may have up to two geoscience PhD students (unrelated PhD programs, e.g. pure physics, do not count). No student should have more than three years of postgraduate geoscience (or related field) experience. No more than two undergraduate students are allowed to participate in each team unless circumstances dictate that an exception to this rule is warranted (e.g. Regions that have few or no Masters Level or equivalent programs). If such a situation does occur, the Region or Section Coordinator is to notify the IBA Committee Secretary to secure IBA Committee permission for the undergraduate(s) to participate using the Request for Team Member(s) Exception form. All exceptions must be approved prior to distribution of the datasets.
  2. There must be no fewer than three (3) and no more than five (5) team members per team. All team members must be present at the local and global competitions for the team to be eligible to compete. Special circumstances must be cleared two (2) weeks prior to the competition date with the local or global committees respectively. Teams may not change team members between the local and global competitions.
  3. Students must have full-time enrollment status of the institution participating in the AAPG IBA program. Students may have petroleum exploration experience amounting to a total of one-year’s experience in the industry and still qualify for the program.
  4. Students should have no more than one year of cumulative professional petroleum exploration experience. Purely mudlogging experience does not count as petroleum exploration experience. Students with more than one year of cumulative petroleum exploration experience may petition the Region or Section Coordinator for an exception (using the Request for Team Member(s) Exception form) in order to be allowed to participate in the program. The Request for Team Member Exception Form must be used and should be sent to the Region or Section IBA Coordinator. The Region or Section must approve the exception and recommendations for acceptance are to be forwarded by the Coordinator to the IBA Committee Secretary. The IBA Committee will decide if the student can participate in the program. Any team with a student with more than one year of cumulative petroleum exploration experience who participates without IBA Committee approval shall be disqualified from the competition. All exceptions must be approved prior to distribution of the datasets.
  5. The de-facto language of the program and presentations in the Region, Section, and Finals program shall be English. Students may respond to question in their native language provided that an interpreter is made available to the presentation in advance. The Region or Section shall provide expenses for translation services in a Regional or Sectional program, as they deem necessary. AAPG is not responsible for supplying or paying for an interpreter.
  6. Students shall all be required to participate equally in a twenty-five (25) minute PowerPoint presentation of their exploration project. All students must present only their own work or the work of their team members in their presentations. Students may prepare a one-page handout (two-sided allowed) to give to each judge, as an executive summary of their presentation. Students may augment their presentation in any form, so long as they are within the 25 minute time allotment.
  7. Students may only participate in the AAPG IBA program once in their education careers. There is no exception to this rule.
  8. Student’s will at all times, adhere to a professional level of behavior in dress, conduct, language and decorum. Violation of this rule may result in the student(s) involved being suspended from the competition.

See Rules and Operating Procedures Section 3 Students and Teams for further explanation (below).