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Platte River Associates

Platte River Associates, Inc. has been providing modeling software to the petroleum industry for 30 years. PRA’s best-known product, BasinMod®, is an industry leading petroleum systems modeling software, a process whose end result is hydrocarbon volumetrics. 

Since its beginning, PRA has supplied software to scores of academic institutions for both research and training. We have supported the Imperial Barrel Award since its inception.

BasinMod offers a streamlined workflow interface which reduces the learning curve for beginners.  It contains a wide range of defaults to facilitate the model building “what if” process. Presentation-quality graphics and an automatic PowerPoint® generator expedite final report preparation. BasinMod is compatible with most industry standard data formats, (for example, LAS, Petra and ESRI).

A network license will be provided at no charge for all IBA team members for the duration of the competition under our licensing guidelines for educational institutes. For universities currently using our software, current network licenses can be expanded for IBA team members. To request a license, please send your name, university, your faculty advisor’s name and your email contact to .

Technical support is provided, including webinars and access to online training videos.

Additional software is available which will broaden your analytical capability. Visit Platte River’s website for additional information.

In addition to the IBA, Platte River Associates, Inc. can supply software for other teaching and research projects.

Download BasinMod Software Overview