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Elsevier – Geofacets

Elsevier, a proud sponsor of AAPG’s Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Program, is happy to announce a great offer for participating university teams. Participating university teams can now access Geofacets – A modern information solution that empowers geoscientists – for a limited period (120 days). Accessed using standard web browsers or an easy to use plug-in for ArcGIS, Geofacets will get Teams access to over 1.9 Million actionable content such as georeferenced maps, figures and tables from over 190k+ documents, about a variety of geoscience topics such as structural geology and tectonics, sedimentology, petroleum geology and more.

Although many competing Teams represent schools that already have an active Geofacets subscription, Elsevier is presenting this offer to provide the same resources to all participating Teams.

Requesting Access to Geofacets - Required Information

Gaining access to Geofacets is easy: Just send an email to with the following information:

  • AAPG/IBA Region/Section and Country
  • Name of the IBA Coordinator
  • University and Department Name
  • Department phone number
  • Name of Department Chair
  • Name and Position of Person requesting software
  • Name & email address of all team members (including the lecturer / professor)
  • Requested Software list (Donation will include three (3) licenses per IBA team)
  • Applicants must copy their coordinator on all correspondence regarding software requests & issues, and are encouraged to utilize the university email, where applicable (e.g., .edu).
  • Use of Geofacets through this offer is restricted to the IBA competition and not for research which is outside of the IBA competition. Further, the Elsevier and Geofacets terms and conditions must be adhered to.
  • If a technical paper is produced based on results / outcomes achieved using Elsevier Products, the university / institution must reference Elsevier and the products utilized (e.g. Geofacets).
  • More information on Geofacets can be found here