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IHS Markit

Each year, IHS donates its engineering and geological products to educational institutions worldwide, so that the next generation of oil and gas professionals is equipped with our industries’ most advanced tools.

IHS Markit no longer allow students to use software on their personal computers. Your team must ensure that you have university computers on a secure network when using IHS Markit software.

If your IBA team is interested in applying for a license of IHS Kingdom, download the application and submit to .

IHS Software

Kingdom GeoScience Bundle

  • 2d/3dPAK
  • GeoSyn1D/2D
  • EarthPAK
  • RSA
  • VuPAK

Kingdom Academic Addon (optional)

  • LoadPAK

Application Criteria

  1. The university or institution may use the software for classroom instruction or research. The software must not be used for commercial purposes.
  2. The university or institution must reference IHS and the IHS products in any technical paper written using the software.
  3. The university or institution must offer an undergraduate or graduate degree in one or more of the following studies: Geology, Geophysics, or Engineering. Technical colleges offering a diploma in the above studies may also apply.
  4. The university or institution will provide the hardware required to access the granted technology. The hardware should meet the recommended system requirements.
  5. The university or institution may access training via public courses. Professors or students may register for no charge, one week in advance, if space is available. Software licenses must be active and proof of employment or school registration is required. Public training is only available in select locations. To view upcoming training opportunities, visit
  6. The university or institution may only access support from the IHS Customer Care team via email. After initial email contact has been made, Customer Care will determine the best method, phone or email, for issue resolution.
  7. IHS encourages the university or institution to announce the grant and grant value through a press release. A copy of the release should be provided to IHS for review prior to issuing.
  8. IHS encourages the university or institution to acknowledge IHS as a donor on the department website by including the IHS logo or providing a link to

IHS offers products and solutions for all aspects of your oil and gas asset management workflow from strategic planning through exploration, production and delivery. Trusted information covering over 2,000 sedimentary basins worldwide, including more than 4 million wells, seamlessly integrated with more than 15 engineering, economics and interpretation software suites.