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  1. Any academic institution with a Masters level (or equivalent) Geoscience degree program may apply to participate in the IBA program.
  2. Teams are selected on a first-come, first-enrolled basis.
  3. Only an accredited faculty member of the school may register a school for participation in the AAPG IBA program. Enrollment must be approved by the department Dean or Chair.
  4. A school may sign up for the program and, upon review, decide not to participate without penalty at any time prior to receiving the IBA dataset. Withdrawal from the program beyond this date without the written agreement of the President of the Region or Section within which the school is located, will result in the schools not receiving financial support from the AAPG for Region, Section, and/or the Finals competitions for the AAPG IBA program for the AAPG IBA program for a) the following year; or b) the next year of the team's participation.
  5. The school is responsible to insure all students participating in the program hold a valid and current visa to participate in A) Region and/or Section events that may require a visa to attend that specific event, B) the Finals program at the AAPG Annual Convention in the United States of America, should they qualify for that event. Region and Section IBA Coordinators will assist schools in their areas on the efforts for Visa clearances (with the aid of AAPG Regional offices where available). The visa effort for those teams qualifying for the Finals will be coordinated by the .
  6. A school that cannot create an IBA team from their current student enrollment, may, with IBA Committee approval, combine their students with those from another school within its Section or Region, to create an IBA team. A combined team must follow all rules and operating procedures as for a single school entry. See the Rules & Operating Procedures for more information. Interested schools must complete the "Multi-School IBA" application instead of the regular team signup sheet.
  7. All participants (team members and traveling Faculty Advisors) must sign the Imperial Barrel Award Release, Waiver, and Indemnity Agreement as a prerequisite to taking part in the program.

See Rules and Operating Procedures Section 1 Eligibility for further explanation (below).