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SLB continues to support education and research programs around the globe by providing academic institutions industry leading integrated software platforms and high science numerical engines.

Software Integrated Solutions technology supports the needs of expert utilizations, as well as more flexible geoscientist or engineers seeking end-to-end solutions. This enables workflows that facilitate closer integrations of geoscience disciplines and decision making.

IBA Donation Scope

The most common software packages that support IBA projects include Petrel*, Techlog*, and PetroMod*. (*SLB, Petrel, Techlog and PetroMod are trademarks of SLB.) To see a complete list of software packages available from SLB, click here.

IBA Donation Request - Contact
  • North America (USA and Canada): send software requests to
  • United Kingdom: send software requests to
  • Continental Europe: send software requests to
    [Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Malta, Montengro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine]
  • Continental Europe (Independent Russian States): send software requests to
    [Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgystan, Georgia, Tadjikistan]

If your country is not listed above, please apply for a SLB software grant by contacting .

IBA Donation Request - Required Information

Parties requesting SLB software must complete the software donation request form in its entirety. Parties should be prepared to include the following information with their request:

  • AAPG/IBA Region/Section and Country
  • Name of the IBA Coordinator
  • University and Department Name
  • Name of Department Chair
  • Name of Supervising Professor
  • Name and Position of Person requesting software
  • Address where the software is to be utilized – required for regulatory compliance
  • Requested Software list (Donation will include five (5) licenses per IBA team)

IMPORTANT: Applicants should copy their coordinator on all correspondence regarding software requests and issues and are encouraged, where applicable to utilize the university formal email (e.g. the .edu email extension).

IBA Donation Request – Timeline

To ensure timely delivery of licenses, teams should complete their license request before December 15th. Incomplete requests or improper email addresses can result in delays or failure of license delivery.

More general details about The SLB Worldwide University Software Program

The program offers commercial software developed by SLB Software Integrated Solutions to selected colleges and universities at no cost to:

Typically, the SLB Software Donations program provides three-year, renewable licenses, software maintenance, and technical support. Universities can use the software to instruct students as part of a course curriculum or to conduct academic research. The software is not intended for commercial use by the university. Should the university wish to acquire the software licenses solely for use by the IBA project team, then the software will be issued for a limited period of 6 months non-renewable covering the period of the annual competition. 

Training for SLB products can be requested by visiting the SLB NExT web site. Additional training can be found in Petrel Guru.