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Rose & Associates

RoseRA allows users to build resource and chance assessments, from simple single zone, to complex opportunities with multiple fault blocks, stratigraphic levels, and wells. RoseRA is the premiere industry tool for modeling prospect resources and assessing chance.

Key advantages of RoseRA include:

  • Intuitive guided workflow ensures Day-1 operations
  • Customizable to implement corporate best practices and ensure consistency
  • ‘Cards’ feature enables multiple zones to be assessed and aggregated in a single prospect analysis file
  • Key intermediate simulation displays and tables ensure inputs are reality checked
  • No third-party software required

Watch this introductory video to find out if RoseRA is right for your IBA team.

To obtain a license

Rose & Associates will provide each team with one license of RoseRA software. Requests must be made by a supervising faculty member. Please fill out this PDF request form and send to .

RoseRA functions best on Windows 10. These licenses will be date-stamped to expire on August 1 of the competition year. Support is not provided for IBA licenses.