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Your Company Can Support IBA by

  • Making a financial donation to help underwrite the cost of transportation and housing expenses for competing teams.
  • Donating a data set and supporting information that can be used in the competition.
  • IBA luncheons or ice breaker cash prizes for the universities of winning teams.
  • Volunteering as an IBA judge.

Your Company Benefits by

  • Promoting your company as a potential employer to top-ranked geoscience students.
  • Earning an invitation to this exclusive scouting opportunity.
  • Encouraging excellence in the industry’s future workforce.

Participating Students Benefit by

  • Developing marketable energy industry skills.
  • Enjoying an international networking opportunity.
  • Accessing industry leaders and potential future employers.

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Steven Loring Veal Committee Member



Are you an individual who would like to support the IBA? Contribute now through the AAPG Foundation. Simply select the "Imperial Barrel Award Fund" as the "Primary Fund."