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1. There must be no more than five team members per team and no less than three team members per team. Special circumstances must be approved by the IBA Committee prior to the delivery of the datasets. Teams may not change team members between the Region and Global Final competitions. 
2. No student is allowed to participate in the IBA program more than once. Previous IBA program experience would give that student's team an edge during competition and would deprive an inexperienced student of having the chance to participate. 
3. Teams should be composed of master's-level students. No team can have more than two doctorate geoscience students on their team. No student should have more than three years of post-graduate experience. 
4. Students must have full-time enrollment status in the school participating in the AAPG IBA program. Students should have no more than one year of cumulative professional petroleum exploration experience. 
5. All students must present their own work or the work of their team members in their presentations. All students on the team must speak equally during the presentation. The de-facto language of the presentations in the Region, Section, and Global Final competition must be conducted in English. AAPG is not responsible for supplying or paying for an interpreter for any competition.

The Guidelines presented here are superseded by the current Rules and Operating Procedures (see below).