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Hampson-Russell Software provides leading edge reservoir characterization software. It’s recognised globally as having provided world class, easy-to-use reservoir characterization software since 1987. The Hampson-Russell software suite encompasses all aspects of seismic exploration and reservoir characterization, from AVO analysis and inversion, to 4D and multi-component analysis and interpretation.

At Hampson-Russell we run a university donation scheme. Over 100 academic institutions are signed up and we have donated more than 3,500 licenses. Participants in the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award contest are likely to have access to the software from their university; if not, we are happy to supply more licences:

More information on the available software modules can be found here.

Available Software

The entire suite of Hampson-Russell software: AVO, STRATA, EMERGE, ProMC, Pro4D, Attributes, ISMap, LithoSI, AFI, Geoview, Seismic and Log Model.

To obtain a licence

Please contact with the following information:

  • The software modules required
  • The number of licences per module required
  • A host details form to be completed for each platform running the software. (Minimum and optimum recommended OS and hardware requirements available here.)
  • Name and contact details of the institute where the license will be installed.

We will then email you a software donation form to be signed and returned by the Professor at the University confirming that the software will only be used for non-commercial work.

The licence and software download information will then be emailed to you from our Calgary office.

Help available

  • Website pages
    Please visit our HRS-9 pages on the website where you can find all information about the software.
    See also a presentation titled “Getting started with HRS-9.
  • Software manuals
    The manuals for the software have been embedded into Geoview. To access them, start Geoview then go to “Help”, and then to “Guides.”
  • Hampson-Russell Assistant
    The Hampson-Russell assistant can be accessed by launching Geoview then going to “Help,” and then to “Hampson-Russell Assistant.”
  • Knowledgebase
    We have an impressive knowledgebase on our website which gives lots of hints and tips and example workflows. We recommend you have a look at it.
  • Software video guides
    We have uploaded some HRS-9 video guides onto our website. Each demo follows a step-by-step workflow divided into chapters, and highlights the main software features. The demos are intended to help you get started with our software. Please do note that the videos are intended purely as a guide to the software applications and should not be treated as a definitive workflow.
    The videos can be found here.

To use the software after the scheme:

Licenses supplied will be for the IBA event and timed to expire at the end of April 2016. If after this time the University would like to continue using licences for academic work, we will happily place them on our University Donation Scheme. Please contact us for more information.

For other questions or information, contact .