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Novva is 1D modeling software capable of calculating hydrocarbon generation, expulsion, cracking, and reservoir destruction, like other 1D maturity modeling software. However, Novva is much more – it provides expert aid in reconstructing paleoelevation and bathymetry, provides an automatic calculation of surface temperature through time, carries out automated optimization of porosity for all lithologies simultaneously for the entire study, provides sophisticated automatic calculation of heat flow through time in extensional basins, and includes many other aids as well. Novva thus is a unique tool for geologic investigation and integration, helping to turn students and geoscientists into detectives and historians. Although Novva’s technical content and capabilities are second to no other software, its interview format is intuitive and easy for even a beginner to use. Novva’s structure, technical content, and help screens provide education on many difficult or unusual topics related to both basin modeling and geology in general. Novva therefore represents the best way for geoscientists to link concepts from the many disparate areas of geology (e.g., tectonics, sedimentology, petrophysics, geochemistry) to tell a coherent and comprehensive story of the geological evolution of any area.

Sirius Exploration Geochemistry will provide each team with up to 6 licenses for the latest version of its Novva software (up to 5 for student team members and one license, if desired, for the faculty advisor). Novva is compatible with Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, and is able to run on Macs that have a Windows virtual machine installed. Novva requires the .NET Framework 4.0 or higher on Windows XP, and .NET Framework 4.5.2 on Windows Vista and higher. It also requires at least 2 GB of RAM, though 3 GB or more is recommended.

The period of validity of all IBA licenses will be from 1 November 2015 through 22 June 2016. Users who begin working with Novva early can acquire expertise in Novva and in modeling technique and technology prior to the start of the IBA competition. No usage of these special IBA licenses for commercial purposes is permitted, but they may be used for other educational purposes during their period of validity.

To obtain a license, one (and only one) team member should send a request to . It is essential that the applicant include his/her name and email address, the name of the university, and the faculty advisor’s name and email address in the request. We will verify the list of eligible team member with the faculty advisor and then send every team member an individual license key.

Sirius XGC cannot provide support for these Novva licenses, but will automatically supply, at no cost, any updates that are issued during the license period. We believe that the combination of Novva’s interview format and its many Help screens and clear explanations will make support unnecessary.

Please send questions about the IBA license arrangement to Dr. Douglas Waples at