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OpendTect is a complete open source seismic interpretation package, which is widely used in the industry and that can be downloaded at no cost from OpendTect. OpendTect contains all tools, needed for a 2D and/or 3D seismic interpretation: 2D and 3D pre- and post-stack, 2D and 3D visualization, horizon and fault trackers, attribute analysis and cross-plots, spectral decomposition, well tie, time-depth conversion, etc.

OpendTect is freely available for all teams participating in the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award contest and to anyone else, including for commercial use. As it is free, thousands of students worldwide have already downloaded OpendTect and installed it on their own personal computer.

Advanced and unique seismic interpretation workflows are possible using closed source plugins, which are available for all universities at no cost. These workflows include sequence stratigraphic interpretation, facies analysis, top-seal and fluid migration path analysis, fluid contact determination, deterministic- and stochastic inversion and many others.

To obtain any required number of academic licenses, an accredited faculty member of the university or school must sign the OpendTect academic license agreement and email it to . The OpendTect academic license agreement states, that the closed source plugins, supplied under an academic license, may not be used for commercial purposes.

As dGB has donated free licenses for OpendTect and plugins to over 400 universities worldwide, your university may well already have free academic licenses for OpendTect. Contact to know whether your university already has free access to OpendTect and plugins and to know who is in charge of these free licenses in your university.

Download the OpendTect Academic License Agreement

Academic licenses are issued for one year and can be extended from year to year without limit by contacting . They include free access to technical support at .

Free stand-alone licenses can also be issued for the laptops of the IBA team-members and their faculty advisor.

A self training course for OpendTect can be downloaded for free, as well as the free data-set, used in this self training course. Other free data-sets are available at the Open Source Repository.

Among the OpendTect plugins, made available by dBG, Rock Properties can be determined from seismic, using the Deterministic and Stochastic Inversion plugin and the new SynthRock plugin and the Neural Networks plugin. The CLAS plugin is Computer Software Analysis Software, which allows determination of rock properties from well logs. OpendTect itself contains an extended library of rock physics formulas.

Review the minimum and recommended hardware requirements to run OpendTect.