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Eliis is a geoscience company providing seismic interpretation software and services. PaleoScan™ is a game changing solution offering an innovative workflow that increases drastically the quality and the speed of seismic interpretation.

Eliis supports research and education institutions around the globe by donating its integrated seismic interpretation platform PaleoScan™ and is proud to provide the students with this unique tool for the IBA program.

IBA Donation Request

Please send your software request to the contacts listed below:

  • North America: Vianney Savajol,
  • Latin America: Francois Lafferriere,
  • Europe, CIS, Africa: Jean-Philippe Adam,
  • Middle East, India: Stuart Walley,
  • South East Asia: Jusmila Baharom,
  • Australia: Tom Wilson,

Please include the following information with your request:

AAPG/IBA region/section and country
Name of the IBA coordinator
University and department name
Name of department chair
Name of supervising professor
Name and position of person requesting software
Address where the software is to be utilized

Eliis has donated academic PaleoScan™ licenses to many universities worldwide. The software donated to universities is not intended for commercial use but can be used to instruct students as part of a course curriculum or to conduct academic research. Academic licenses are issued for one year and can be extended from year to year without limit after signature of the Academic License Agreement. Please contact the person from the list above to know if your university already has free access to PaleoScan™ .

Should the university wish to use PaleoScan™ solely for the IBA competition, the software will be issued to the project team for a limited period of 6 months covering the period of the annual competition.

Software, training material and open source datasets are available for download from Eliis website. Several videos highlighting various aspects of the PaleoScan™ workflow are also available on Eliis YouTube Channel. Requests for technical support need to be submitted to Eliis geoscience team at .