Questions? Email for help!

Software/Licensing Issues

All schools should have their hardware and software in place before they receive their datasets. Many vendors are extremely busy with client license renewals in late December and early January. Schools and teams should not wait until December or January to verify or obtain a license for the software they wish to use. NOTE: Some schools already have licenses available through a vendor’s university program. Please verify this with your department. The IBA Committee has experienced requests for help with licenses only to learn that a school already has the software installed and available to them.

If you encounter licensing or installation issues please immediately contact the appropriate Vendor Contact. One person from your school should be designated as the contact for your software licensing and installation to enable quick resolution of any issues.

Software Donated for IBA Use

There have been a number of companies who have donated software for use in the IBA competition. Please read through each of the company's requirements to properly complete the application for software and avoid delays in receiving your licenses.

Once software setup is complete, check the Resources page for more information on practice datasets to begin learning your new software.