IBA Photos

If you are looking for photos from past IBA events, please go to the AAPG Public Graphics Server.

Practice Datasets

Once software is downloaded and installed, you can start learning to use it before the competition. If you are in need of a practice dataset, here are a few options:

  • Check with your advisor to see if any datasets have been stored from past competitions.
  • Some vendors offer datasets to help learn their software. Check the individual software pages to find whether your vendor provides any additional resources.
  • Purchase a Stratton Field dataset from the Texas BEG, complete with 3D seismic and well logs, for only $40 USD.
  • Or check the MTU seismic data directory for additional datasets for purchase.
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Petroleum Exploration Overview: An IBA Preparation Course by Fred Schroeder

Dr. Fred Schroeder, a geoscientist with 40 years of energy industry experience, has provided an IBA preparation short course to this year’s competing teams. Keep in mind that this is just an example; CREATIVITY is an important aspect of all IBA presentations. Your team will need to analyze the IBA data provided, obtain additional outside references (as within the constraints set forth in the IBA rules), develop a plan to obtain your objectives, and implement your plan. The final lecture in the short course series illustrates how everything might come together in a final presentation.

Evaluating Structure Maps and Basin Evaluation by Bob Shoup

Bob Shoup has more than 35 years of industry experience in regional studies, prospect generation, reserve evaluation, well planning and project management. He is considered an expert in interpreting clastic depositional environments, syndepositional structural systems and rift basins. He has drilled or caused to be drilled 26 prospects resulting in 12 commercial discoveries totaling more than 100 million barrels equivalent. Shoup is an instructor for a number of courses for Subsurface Consultants and Associates, including their signature class, Applied Geological Mapping. In this course, Shoup shares his expertise in evaluating structure maps and prospects with IBA participants.

IBA Preparation Courses: Evaluating Structure Maps and Basin Evaluation by Bob Shoup — Free Access Code: IBAESYMPSTU

Play Based Exploration

Play Based Exploration, or PBE, is a phrase that is being heard more and more frequently as Explorers return to their geological roots in the increasingly demanding search for exploration opportunities, in particular those which offer the potential to add material hydrocarbon volumes to our portfolio. Many of you will have encountered the concepts of Play-Based Exploration during training. For you, this booklet is intended as reminder of the essentials of PBE. For those who have not yet experienced the training, this is an introduction to the concepts, and we hope will encourage you to find out more details from your technical advisors. This in-depth presentation on Play Based Exploration was generously provided by Shell Exploration and Production. Download Play Based Exploration: A Guide for AAPG's IBA Participants PDF

Petroleum Geochemistry by Ken Peters

Dr. Ken Peters is the 2019 Sidney Powers Memorial Award and is Science Advisor for Schlumberger. He has more than 35 years of industry experience and was Chair of the AAPG Research Committee (2007-2010), AAPG Distinguished Lecturer (2009-2010) and was editor for the 2009 AAPG compact disk Getting Started in Basin and Petroleum System Modeling. He twice received the Schlumberger Henri Doll Prize for Innovation (2009, 2013). Ken has developed a series of instructional videos focused on Basin and Petroleum System Modeling.

United Nations Sustainability Goals

An atlas for the review of the 2030 sustainability agenda

The International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has developed a shared understanding of the implications of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the oil and gas industry and how the industry can most effectively contribute. The three-part document includes the Summary document which highlights the oil and gas industry’s commitment to supporting sustainability by 2030. The Sustainability reporting document guides the participants on how to identify specific performance indicators and benchmark them across different oil and gas operators. It also guides them on UN reporting requirements. Finally, the Roadmap document discusses the implementation plans for the sustainability goals.

Switch On

The Complete Film

Across developing Africa, Asia and Latin America, billions of people suffer from the lack of safe and reliable energy -- impacting literacy and education, water and food supply, communication, healthcare and the economy. But inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens are standing up to bring power to their people.

In this sequel to the highly acclaimed energy documentary Switch, join Dr. Scott Tinker on another amazing global adventure, to meet people and communities as they Switch On. It's a journey that’s enlightening and emotional, uplifting and unforgettable; Switch On will change the way you look at energy and the developing world forever.