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  1. Only schools that participate in at least the local competition may retain the datasets as teaching tools.
  2. Datasets are regional in scale, with 2D/3D seismic and well data (e.g. petrophysical logs, cores, core analysis results, pressures, fluids, well tests).
  3. Team members may do a literature search. They may acquire free data OUTSIDE the area of interest. No data may be acquired inside the area of interest.
  4. The IBA committee will provide one dataset to each school per competition year. Data will be provided to the participating schools eight weeks before their local competition.
  5. Schools which have datasets from other sources are encouraged to donate them to the IBA technical library. After evaluation and acceptance, the dataset will be included in the normal dataset rotation. However, a school will not be allowed to use its own dataset because it may derive a competitive advantage from prior analytic experience.

See Rules and Operating Procedures Section 5 Data Sets for further explanation (below).