SeisWare International

SeisWare is an all-inclusive, Windows® based, 2D/3D seismic interpretation package used by geoscientists worldwide.

Recon is a next-generation, 3D geological software product that combines seismic, well logs and production data into an interactive,easy-to-use dynamic interpretation environment powered by its patented Cascade Technology® engine.

Teams wishing to use SeisWare are required to provide the following information:

  • University Name
  • Name of the team coordinator
  • Name and title of the person requesting SeisWare
  • Number of licenses required
  • Provide computer name(s) and Mac ID(s) that will be hosting SeisWare
  • A nonprofit end user license agreement must be signed (provided upon receipt of license request)

SeisWare will donate free software licenses (up to a maximum of 5) to any teams participating in the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award. Please to obtain your licenses.

The software will be available only for the duration of the IBA competition. The current commercial version will be provided to all participating teams requesting SeisWare licenses.

SeisWare can be made available for use in undergraduate or post graduate programs apart from the IBA project with an annual license review. Please for additional information.

For system requirements please view here. Generally interpreters will want a higher end 64-bit system with more RAM for larger datasets and when using 3D visualization.