Timeline for 2015


Contact Mike Mlynek or your local Section or Region IBA Coordinator if you are interested in competing. Fill out an Application (available on the IBA website) and send to AAPG. An application can be found in the Downloadable Summary Document.

12 December 2014

IBA application forms are due to AAPG.

17 December 2014

Participating teams and the date of the local competition will be confirmed by the Section or Region coordinator to AAPG. Region/Section exception request to event deadline must be received by IBA Committee.

17 December 2014

All Regions must formulate a strategy for obtaining travel visas for their teams and communicate it, along with any requests for assistance, to the AAPG Assistant Manager Member Services (Student Focus), Mike Mlynek.

19 December 2014

Earliest dataset distribution to participating schools. Watch the IBA Section/Region websites for details.

13 February – 28 March 2015

Regional and Section competitions held. The winning team’s PowerPoint presentation must be sent to Mike Mlynek by the IBA Coordinator directly after the Region’s event. by the IBA Coordinator directly after the Region’s event. Exceptions to this deadline date must be filed with the IBA Committee by 17 December 2014.

30 March 2015

Deadlines for competition results to be sent to the AAPG Assistant Manager Member Services (Student Focus), Mike Mlynek, to begin booking travel unless exception to competition date has been approved.

29 – 30 May 2015

Competition Friday and Saturday prior to the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition (31 May - 3 June) in Denver, Colorado.

31 May 2015

IBA Awards Presentation 3:00 PM, Colorado Convention Center Mile High Ballroom.

The experience...

Imperial Barrel Award student participants receive real world experience with their performance judged by industry experts, a chance to travel to the premier industry event to network with both future colleagues and future employers, and a chance to win accolades for themselves and cash awards for their schools. Take this opportunity to encourage geoscience graduate students to explore what the energy industry has to offer.

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Future IBA Events & ACE Meetings

Denver CO, USA
29 - 31 May, IBA
31 May - 3 June, ACE

Calgary AB, Canada
17 - 19 June, IBA
19 - 22 June, ACE

Houston TX, USA
31 March - 2 April, IBA
2 - 5 April, ACE
(AAPG 100th Anniversary Convention)

Salt Lake City UT, USA
18 - 20 May, IBA
20 - 23 May, ACE

San Antonio TX, USA
17 - 19 May, IBA
19 - 22 May, ACE

San Francisco CA, USA
3 - 5 April, IBA
5 - 8 April, ACE

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