The LMKR software grant initiative aims at providing educational institutions across the world access to our geoscience solutions. Our objective is to ensure that the next generation of oil & gas professionals enter the workforce equipped with the software knowledge that they will need, to be successful in their careers and make a lasting impact in the E&P industry.

If your IBA team is interested in using LMKR’s geoscience solutions or if you are interested for your university to be granted LMKR software through our global software grant initiative, please contact the LMKR University Grant Program at .

For licenses needed to participate in the IBA, please provide the following information in your email to us:

  • Your AAPG/IBA Region/Section
  • Name of the IBA Coordinator; Applicants should copy their coordinator on all correspondence regarding software requests and issues
  • University Name
  • Name of Department Chair
  • Name of Supervising Professor
  • Name and Position of Person requesting software
  • Requested Software list (LMKR GeoGraphix, GVERSE)

LMKR is a petroleum technology company with an extensive E&P software solutions portfolio as well as Geoscience and Information Management consulting solutions – all focused towards lowering the risk associated with conventional and unconventional resource plays. For more information about LMKR software and solutions, please visit http://www.lmkr.com.

For information about LMKR GeoGraphix, please visit http://www.lmkr.com/geographix/.

For information about GVERSE, please visit http://www.lmkr.com/Gverse/.