AAPG Datapages Archives

As part of the 2016 Datapages Sponsorship for the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Program, AAPG Datapages offers universities a limited (120 days) access to the full Archives database, allowing Teams to research more than 140,000 technical documents and images about upstream petroleum geology.

Many of the competing Teams represent schools who already have an active subscription to the Archives database, but Datapages hopes to expose all participating Teams to the same resources and make this offer. All access is via standard web browser with a web‐based search form.

After the competition, subsidized university subscriptions also are available to any school on a long‐term basis at minimal cost. Further, AAPG Foundation offers a special Endowment program where donors are invited to help fund a long‐term subscription at no cost to the recipient school. For either program, contact for more detail.

Download Instructions from Datapages
Updated 25 January, 2017