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The AAPG is unable to provide insurance to cover participants in the IBA program. Participating students and Faculty Advisors are expected to obtain insurance to cover injury, death, illness and loss or damage to personal property during periods of travel associated with the program. To be certain that this issue is fully understood and recognized by participants,all participants (team members and travelling Faculty Advisors) are required to sign the Imperial Barrel Award Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement as a prerequisite to taking part in the program. The signed agreement must be sent to Mike Mlynek at AAPG before the datasets are released. If signed agreements are not received from all team members and the Faculty Advisor by the dataset release date, the team is liable to expulsion from the program. Check the Rules and Procedure document for this waiver.

Important Dates:

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Future IBA Events & ACE Meetings

Denver CO, USA
29 - 31 May, IBA
31 May - 3 June, ACE

Calgary AB, Canada
17 - 19 June, IBA
19 - 22 June, ACE

Houston TX, USA
31 March - 2 April, IBA
2 - 5 April, ACE
(AAPG 100th Anniversary Convention)







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