Teams may invite industry professionals as consultants to review and advise them on their presentations.

  1. Teams may invite a maximum of two industry professionals as Consultants to provide mentorship on analysis and presentation.
  2. Such consultants must be advised by the Faculty Advisor as to the purpose and goal of the program prior to participating as a consultant.
  3. Consultants may instruct students on how to perform a task, advise as to presentation content, or encourage students to consider alternative ways in approaching the task required by the program.
  4. In no form, manner, or method may the Consultant actually perform the work required in the program. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate dismissal of the team by the IBA Committee from the IBA program for that or upcoming year, depending upon the date of the infraction.

See Rules and Operating Procedures Section 4 Consultants as Mentors for further explanation (below).