Faculty advisors must commit to the program and be responsible for the team’s preparation and participation. They must be willing to act as custodians to ensure that the spirit and ethos of the exercise is honored and maintained.

  1. Faculty involvement should be at the advisory level.
  2. Faculty Advisors are not allowed to be in the competition room prior to or during the presentation of their team’s project. Third parties, who have also worked with or are associated with the team in preparing for their presentation, are not allowed in competition room prior to or during that team’s presentation.
  3. Faculty advisors may observe the team presentations after their own team has been judged.
  4. Where possible it is advised that presentation rehearsals are given to the Consultant(s) prior to the Region or Section competition. Presentations should not be given to companies, societies or other outside organizations at any time during or after the competition.

See Rules and Operating Procedures Section 2 Faculty Advisors for further explanation.

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