Team Effort Results in Barrel Award 01 June, 2011 | United States - Pacific Section - Alaska | United States - Gulf Coast Section - Texas

Cairo Barrel Team Hurdled Barriers 01 May, 2011 | Africa Region - Egypt

UT Team Takes AAPG’s IBA Top Prize 01 May, 2011 | United States - Southwest Section - Texas | Middle East Region - Oman | Europe Region - United Kingdom

Silver success for SOES Imperial Barrel Team 13 April, 2011 | United States - Southwest Section - Texas | United States - Mid-Continent Section - Texas | United States - Gulf Coast Section - Texas

UT Austin Takes 1st Place at Imperial Barrel Award Regional Competition 30 March, 2011 | United States - Gulf Coast Section - Texas

8 Teams to participate in the Asia Pacific IBA competition 08 December, 2010 | Asia/Pacific Region - China | Asia/Pacific Region - India | Asia/Pacific Region - Indonesia | Asia/Pacific Region - Malaysia | Asia/Pacific Region - Thailand

University of Texas at Austin

2011 Gulf Coast First Place Winner and IBA 2011 Imperial Barrel Award 1st Place Winner

School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton

2011 Europe Region First Place Winner and IBA 2011 Selley Cup 2nd Place Winner

Sultan Qaboos University

2011 Middle East Region First Place Winner and IBA 2011 Stoneley Medal 3rd Place Winner

2011 Africa Region Honorable Mention Cairo University Faculty of Science
Africa Region - Egypt

2011 Asia Pacific Region Honorable Mention Chulalongkorn University
Asia Pacific Region

2011 Canada Region Honorable Mention University of Calgary
Canada Region - Alberta

2011 Latin America Region Honorable Mention Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Latin America Region - Colombia

2011 Eastern Section Honorable Mention Indiana University
United States - Eastern Section - Indiana

2011 Mid-Continent Section Honorable Mention University of Nebraska
United States - Mid-Continent Section - Nebraska

2011 Pacific Section Honorable Mention San Diego State University
United States - Pacific Section - California

2011 Rocky Mountain Section Honorable Mention Utah State University
United States - Rocky Mountain Section - Utah

2011 Southwest Section Honorable Mention University of Texas at El Paso
United States - Southwest Section - Texas


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