As part of the 2014 Paradigm Sponsorship for the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award, Paradigm offers universities five licenses (5) licenses of the Paradigm™ GOCAD® and SKUA®Suite and Geolog® (Gold) for duration of 10 months. The Paradigm products included are listed on Exhibit “A” in the downloadable PDF file. This GOCAD and SKUA Suite and Geolog will provide participating teams with the tools needed to complete a technical assessment of the data set’s hydrocarbon potential. In order to take advantage of this sponsorship, interested universities should fill out this application form and send it back to this email.

Specific licensing requirements are listed on the application.

To assist students with the use of the SKUA®Suite software, Paradigm will also offer SKUA courses from our newly released Paradigm Online University. This is a new web-based eLearning tool designed to allow our customers to create a personalised training portfolio of Paradigm courses. Students can customise their learning environment and study at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. Please contact us for instructions on joining the courses. Support and training for GOCAD® and Geolog® will be made available if the terms and conditions outlined on the application are met.

The Paradigm Academic Software Program is also available to universities willing to establish a longer term relationship with Paradigm at minimal cost. Software maintenance and technical support are included in the program. Universities can also apply to our University Grant Program. For additional information on these programs, please contact Laura Robertson.

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