IHS Kingdom Educational Grant

Anyone interested in applying for an IHS Kingdom software grant should fill out the PDF form by clicking the PDF icon to the right and contacting Adrianna Duran. More information can be found here.

Once you have provided the necessary information, the Kingdom Educational team will review your application and process your request. Your application can be sent to: kingdom_education@ihs.com

Options to choose from:

  1. TKS Basic:
    This option provides you usage of our 2d/3dPAK Interpretation solution
  2. TKS PowerPAK:
    This option provides you with TKS Basic plus EarthPAK & VuPAK
  3. TKS Complete:
    This option provides you with TKS PowerPAK plus TracePAK, CGMPAK, AVOPAK, LogPAK, SynPAK, 1DFM, Tunnel-L+, OpenKINGDOM

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